What sounds utterly illusory at first sight is actually feasible today over the Internet.

We are talking about a loan without proof of income. The repair of the car costs 300 euros, money comes in ten days back on the account, a short-term liquidity shortage opens up. The solution can be a loan without proof of income.



Apply for credit without proof of income – reputable providers for Germany in comparison.

providers interest running time loan amount info Non-binding application


from 1.93% 12 – 144 months Up to 120,000 € With a guarantor (co-signer) is also a loan without proof of income possible.
creditneutral comparison of personal loans and banks.
Guaranteed: credit comparison without private credit effect.
Neofunding 13.90% 7 – 30 days Up to € 1,000 Small loans even without proof of income
Quick and easy
Instant confirmation and immediate payment
Crediter individually 12 – 120 months Up to € 100,000 You can request non-schafafie loans in any amount.
Crediter has been providing instant loans without private credit for over 45 years, friendly and fast service.
Cash comes to the bank account via Sofortüberweisung.
Strictly confidential and discreet: The house bank and employer do not learn anything.
Instant confirmation and immediate payment (24 hours).
trucredit individually 12 – 60 months Up to 25,000 € Even loans without proof of income possible.
trucredit arranges loans from private individuals.
private credit is checked, a credit can be awarded despite negative entries and low private credit score.

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Apply for credit without income and private credit information

Banks usually require proof of income as part of the credit check to see if the income is sufficient to finance the rate. As the simplest form of security, the borrower signs a salary assignment. At this point, it becomes clear why self-employed and students find it particularly difficult to obtain a loan. The self-employed can not prove a regular income, students are often employed only in 450-euro jobs.

In this variant, a distinction must be made between two approaches. For one thing, companies with a novel business model for lending small loans have been establishing themselves for some time. On the other hand, there are the credit marketplaces on which loans are granted privately and privately.

Small loans without proof of income

In this variant, Financial Technologiess offer loans in the range of a maximum of 600 euros to 3,000 euros, depending on the provider. In doing so, they partially waive the presentation of a proof of income. The loan terms are extremely short. They are between seven days and three months. Since the loan amounts are very small, the default risk for the lender is not particularly high. The providers also stagger the maximum loan amount. For new customers, the loans are usually limited to 300 euros.

Due to the relatively small amounts and short maturities, interest rates do not fall in absolute terms. Thus, a provider calculates for a loan over 300 euros and a 10-day term just 1,116 euros in interest. On a per-capita basis, however, borrowers must be willing to assume interest rates above the twelve-percent mark – the interest rate prizes the lender’s default risk.

In addition, these companies offer additional services such as express processing or payment within 60 minutes, which are however subject to a fee. Anyone who needs only a small loan without proof of merit and is interested in a quick settlement and short term, gets faster in this way his money than a bank.

credit platforms

Another option to take out a loan is to offer credit platforms for the provision of loans from private to private. However, not every platform offers credit without proof of income. Borrowers on the one hand are confronted by investors on the other, who are looking for investments that go beyond the classic bank offers.

The borrower presents himself and his project to be financed on such a platform, and now has to market in the absence of proof of income so well that it arouses interest. As an alternative to a regular income, for example, he can offer as collateral the surrender value of his life or pension insurance or his car.

Also with a credit platform applies that the interest rate the credit default risk prizes. The platforms categorize their borrowers according to their credit rating. The category determines the interest rates that the borrower has to pay. It is understandable that in the case of a loan without payroll and without proof of income, the interest rates are significantly higher than for a borrower who receives a regular income. Investors who build up a structured credit portfolio, with a small portion of their investments above-average returns, losses are to be overcome.

Loans without salary

Loans without salary and payslips are not given in the usual volumes, but are limited to small amounts and suitable as a bridge for short-term liquidity bottlenecks.



Loans for students without income are also possible with the above mentioned providers.