Temporary car insurance, you must have a license for at least two years, French or any other license recognized in France. You will then have to present to your future insurance company, the registration certificate of the vehicle you wish to drive (it may not be in your name) accompanied by a copy of your driver’s license. 

Loan for vehicle

Loan for vehicle

The car term insurance is very flexible, it is possible to take out a contract for 1 day up to 90 days maximum.  In addition, temporary companies often provide malpractice drivers, as well as those who, after a serious traffic offense, find it difficult to find an insurer.

Be aware that an owner can lend his car, regardless of the driver, provided he has a valid license and he drives the vehicle in the conditions considered in the contract. Nevertheless, the insurance contract can restrict the guarantees and increase the deductible in case the vehicle is involved in a responsible accident. As a result, the bonus / penalty rules will apply to you and not to the driver to whom you have entrusted your vehicle. So, before you lend your car, check in your car insurance policy under what conditions you can do it.

Several “loan of the steering wheel” are realizable according to the contract allocated by the insurance company : unrestricted vehicle loan, without increase of franchise in case of disaster, loan of vehicle with increase of franchise in case of disaster, loan of vehicle to one third, except for novice drivers determined in the general conditions of the contract, prohibition of vehicle loan to a third party, except for ascendants, descendants, family members, total prohibition of vehicle loan.

The loan of a vehicle during the repair of yours is not mandatory, it is an option that you must select when subscribing to your auto insurance policy. It tells you in particular the acts giving rise to the loan and its duration. Most contracts are for theft, accident or breakdown.

The loan term is very different depending on the contract. Generally, you will enjoy a replacement vehicle for 7 days in case of breakdown, 14 days in case of accident or 40 days in case of theft. Other incidents may be expected. In most cases, beyond these times, you can enjoy preferential rental rates.