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Quick personal loan -Need quick personal loans online? We Can Help

There are many people who are black on the list of bank funding. Thus, Brer Rabbit is present as a private online loan provider. Personal loans are provided for everyone, people without jobs, people who cannot find guarantees or people who are listed in the debtor’s list. Loans for anyone who needs funds is urgent to offset the mild economic situation but still on time. Get the best Brer Rabbit personal loan. We will explain how to get a loan from Brer Rabbit and what the advantages and advantages of Brer Rabbit loans are from other available loans online.

Need quick personal loans online? Stop Searching We Can Help

The best personal loans

Online personal loans are small loans that are submitted quickly through the Internet (all steps are done online ) and allow you to deal with your personal, family and business expenses. But this loan is not only intended for this purpose. You can also use it when you want to buy gifts, pamper yourself, and when you need to reform your place of residence. You may apply for the best quick personal loan online on the market if you need it in a hurry.

The best personal loans: loans without conditions

The best personal loans: loans without conditions

One of the biggest advantages offered by this online personal loan is that this loan provides a second chance for many people who suffer from the economy because it is kept away from access to all types of financing from traditional banking. For these reasons, this online loan is considered the best personal loan and the entity that manages this personal loan bases its relationship with people based on trust. Humanity on the matter, that’s the philosophy. Like Brer Rabbit.

This alternative is a solution for many people. The best personal loans that are fast and with minimal requirements. In general, almost all entities working together with Brer Rabbit to offer loans only require the following three conditions :

  • Agile legally
  • Have a bank account in the name of the applicant. Enough only with a bank account, without a minimum amount of funds in the bank.
  • A fixed source of income. There must be no income from salary. There is no need for guarantees. Thus, retirees and scholarship recipients can also fulfill this requirement. People registered in the debtor file can also meet Brer Rabbit’s funding requirements.

As you can see, the requirements are very minimal. However, Brer Rabbit is the best online personal loan provider because of the other features offered, such as the following:

  Another advantage of online loans is Brer Rabbit

Some of the many advantages of online credit loans are:

Loans for all:   In more than 98% of loan applications accepted. Brer Rabbit thought of everyone and tried to give everyone a chance.

Emergency funding: From the submission process to getting a response from our system it takes more than 20 minutes. Brer Rabbit provides whenever you need.

Comfort guarantee:   All transactions are made through the Internet. Even when you receive bad news like fines, when you are on a trip and need an emergency fund, you can submit the amount you need only with your mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. Do not need files or overfill personal data.

Loans are designed according to your needs:   Brer Rabbit does the information search section for you so you get a loan without having to make your time.

As if these facilities are not enough, the loan application process in Brer Rabbit is very simple and very fast. We also discuss how to get the best money loan in Brer Rabbit.

  The best personal loan in Brer Rabbit: submission

With Brer Rabbit you only need to choose the number of funds you need, a maximum of Rp. 4,000,000, and also a return period that is of interest to you, up to a maximum of 30 days. After this process, you will be asked to fill out a short form, and complete! Brer Rabbit will take care of the rest. Brer Rabbit will respond to you in less than 15 minutes.

Understand Loan and Credit Property Financing

Loan and Credit’s property financing is one of the most sought after options for property installment in Brazil. Full of possibilities, the alternative allows the purchase of new residential or commercial real estate, in the plant or used, in urbanized or not. With the same type of financing, it is still possible to build or renovate property already on behalf of the consumer.

The financial institution has good funding percentages.

For private workers, Loan and Credit can afford up to 70% of the value of property, while public sector workers can account for 80% of the cost of ownership.

Loan and Credit finances up to 80%


Real estate that can be financed is divided into two types: the Housing Finance System (SFH) and the Real Estate Financing System (SFI).

The difference between the alternatives is in the rates and price estimates of real estate possessions. In SFH, there are properties of up to R $ 950 thousand (in the states of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District) and up to R $ 750 thousand in the rest of Brazil. For values ​​higher than these, the properties are financed through the SFI.

Regardless of the category of property, financing enables planning of expenses. This is because the bank allows the commitment of only 30% of income, ensuring the receipt of installments and the financial health of the customer.

Advantages of Cash Financing

Advantages of Cash Financing

In any case, Loan and Credit’s financing is full of advantages. Know them, as well as the steps of joining the option.

Low interest

Loan and Credit has one of the lowest interest rates in the mortgage market. The values ​​are calculated according to the property price and the rent of each client, allowing for lighter pocket charges.

In financial, interest rates are between 9.75% and 11% per year, with installments for up to 35 years. Differentials allow, for example, that the debt paid is not much higher than the real value of the property, as well as the maintenance of monthly income with cheaper installments.

FGTS Usage

Today, the box has the Pro-Quota FGTS financing line suspended, but the option should soon return to the market – after all, this year alone, the alternative was suspended and returned to active twice.

Pro-Quotaholder FGTS is a cheaper line of credit as it uses FGTS resources. To adhere to it, the consumer must have contributed to the Time and Service Guarantee Fund for more than three years.

Possibility interest rates range from 7.85% to 8.85%. The customer may or may not have an active account. For the latter, credit is only granted when the balance of FGTS consists of at least 10% of the total value of the property.

In addition to the Pro-Quotaholder, the consumer can use the values ​​of his FGTS for any SFH financing. The Box allows two choices:

    • use of the amount to amortize or settle the outstanding balance;
  • or payment of up to 80% of the value of installments of up to 12 consecutive months.

Loan and Credit Property Financing: step by step

Loan and Credit Property Financing: step by step

  • Financing Simulation

Consumers interested in financing real estate at Loan and Credit must first simulate their investment. The value of the property is bankable in the financial? Do the planned installments fit the budget? To find out this information, there are two alternatives: agency attendance, or online simulation.

Through the internet, users can enter their forecasts and get estimates of installments, interest and other values ​​of real estate financing. Just enter the site, fill in data on income and type of installment, and check the results.

  • Registration and delivery of documentation

Simulating a loan, as its name suggests, is only an estimate of the plan. To know the real conditions of the financing, the consumer must attend a Loan and Credit branch with documents such as ID, CPF, proof of address and income.

These statements will allow the bank to review credit as well as negotiate better terms for the user.

If funding is joint, the documents of all those responsible must be submitted. The alternative is especially interesting to ensure minimum income requested for credit approval.

Report: growing furniture loans

Report: growing furniture loans

Nomisma report: growing furniture loans

Despite the concrete difficulties of the current economic context still in the process of settling down, the Italians are increasingly confident and ready to make investments that until now had decided to postpone waiting for better times. has examples

What are the main areas on which our compatriots decide to polarize their finances?

According to the findings of numerous sector studies, such as the 2017 Real Estate Finance Report edited by Nomisma, the major investments are increasingly about the home . To confirm this trend we also thought about the last Observatory curated by Astro Finance, an important company specialized in consumer credit, which dealt with analyzing the current purchasing intentions of our compatriots. Renovations and projects to renew the look of your home are at the top of the wish list. Home sweet home, therefore, the relationship between Italians and their home is characterized by being much more satisfying than a few years ago. To give a hand to the sector, without a doubt, we have thought about the numerous financing offers present on the market today and in particular of loans for furniture, more and more competitive and adaptable according to the needs of each specific customer that has a wide margin of choice in planning your own repayment plan.

The results highlighted for the household appliances sector were also good: according to the findings of the Observatory created by Astro Finance, the sector as a whole is characterized by decidedly positive results. The most obvious purchasing intentions seem to concern the whole sphere of small household appliances with an average expected expenditure of around 189 euros (+ 1.6%). But that’s not all, the excellent performance of large appliances has also gone from 18.4% to 21.3%, recording an overall increase of 2.9% and an average expenditure of 753 euros.

Loans 5000 euros Furniture

Loans 5000 euros Furniture


Financial: Simple Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 4.44%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,000
Total due: € 5,558

Monthly installment € 92 , 64 Feasibility check 

Financial: Mago
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.91%
APR: 6.56%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5.146
Total due: € 5.848

Monthly installment € 95 , 07 Feasibility check 

Financial: Sofidis
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 6.25%
APR: 6.64%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,000
Total due: € 5.859

Monthly installment € 97 , 25 Feasibility check 

Financial: Bounted Credit
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 6.51%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,258
Total due: € 5.845

Monthly installment € 97 , 41 Feasibility check 

Financial: With you
Product: Personal Loan ConTe
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 6.55%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5.263
Total due: € 5.851

Monthly rate € 97 , 51 Feasibility check 

Financial: Astro Finance
Product: Home Furnishing Credit
TAN Fixed: 7.65%
APR: 7.92%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,000
Total due: € 6.033

Monthly rate € 100 , 55 Feasibility check 

Financial: Cleaopar
Product: Cleaopar
TAN Fixed: 9.90%
APR: 11.41%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,050
Total due: € 6,498


Insurance Comparison for Loan Vehicle

Temporary car insurance, you must have a license for at least two years, French or any other license recognized in France. You will then have to present to your future insurance company, the registration certificate of the vehicle you wish to drive (it may not be in your name) accompanied by a copy of your driver’s license. 

Loan for vehicle

Loan for vehicle

The car term insurance is very flexible, it is possible to take out a contract for 1 day up to 90 days maximum.  In addition, temporary companies often provide malpractice drivers, as well as those who, after a serious traffic offense, find it difficult to find an insurer.

Be aware that an owner can lend his car, regardless of the driver, provided he has a valid license and he drives the vehicle in the conditions considered in the contract. Nevertheless, the insurance contract can restrict the guarantees and increase the deductible in case the vehicle is involved in a responsible accident. As a result, the bonus / penalty rules will apply to you and not to the driver to whom you have entrusted your vehicle. So, before you lend your car, check in your car insurance policy under what conditions you can do it.

Several “loan of the steering wheel” are realizable according to the contract allocated by the insurance company : unrestricted vehicle loan, without increase of franchise in case of disaster, loan of vehicle with increase of franchise in case of disaster, loan of vehicle to one third, except for novice drivers determined in the general conditions of the contract, prohibition of vehicle loan to a third party, except for ascendants, descendants, family members, total prohibition of vehicle loan.

The loan of a vehicle during the repair of yours is not mandatory, it is an option that you must select when subscribing to your auto insurance policy. It tells you in particular the acts giving rise to the loan and its duration. Most contracts are for theft, accident or breakdown.

The loan term is very different depending on the contract. Generally, you will enjoy a replacement vehicle for 7 days in case of breakdown, 14 days in case of accident or 40 days in case of theft. Other incidents may be expected. In most cases, beyond these times, you can enjoy preferential rental rates.

Personal loan in Spain

A world without cash: work with cryptocurrencies

A world without cash: work with cryptocurrencies

2019 is the year in which digital payments, according to experts in technological trends, will extend to all areas of daily life. In an ecosystem where mobile payments are already the norm and more and more people are looking for fast, secure, digital payment methods via the Internet or mobile phone.

The cryptocurrencies in Spain: perspectives for 2019

The cryptocurrencies in Spain: perspectives for 2019

Today, in full 2019, in Spain has not yet passed any law or regulation on cryptocurrencies, and all that is produced are conversations, first guidelines on how to declare them and little else. As a result, companies and cryptocurrency exchange platforms live in a gray area, not being directly regulated and, of course, they can not be covered by the deposit guarantee fund.

The Fintech boom that is changing the loan market in Spain

The Fintech boom that is changing the loan market in Spain

Technology at the service of money and domestic finances. This is the Fintech (name that comes from combining the initial syllables of FINance and TECHnology, finance and technology in English), or Financial Technology, this new business model of recent appearance that is changing the landscape of credit in the Spanish market. While the traditional banking sector is faced with new situations trying to adapt its products, which are sometimes offered depending on what they have to present or what is on the campaign, Fintech companies care about people and look for what they need most. it suits.

Loans for your car

Loans for your car

How many times have we not been forced to sell or pawn our possessions to find ourselves in a financial crisis that seems to have no way out. There are no friends to support us and it seems that all banks lend money only to those who do not need it and can afford what they want for themselves, but never to the one who really needs it because he has lost his job and the debts and bills are accumulating. This frustration is classic and can lead to despair and hopelessness. For this reason, the financial market has found in this need an opportunity to support its users and give them a hand at the time when they need it most.

Credit line

Credit line

If we talk about the advantages of loans, it is impossible to omit the credit lines. The impact that these programs have had on the economy is excellent and has allowed thousands of families to overcome the economic problems and achieve the long-awaited stability, or that some young people are able to develop their projects or even study a university career if it occurs the opportunity.

Loans for young people

Loans for young people

Ursula is a platform that serves as a search engine for credit service agencies throughout Spain, but its work goes far beyond becoming a simple mediator. Its strength and what just makes it stand out among the credit market is that it offers another type of invaluable incentives and supports of different kinds. Among them we can find the loan to young people between 18 and 25 years.

What happens if I do not pay a personal loan in Spain?

What happens if I do not pay a personal loan in Spain?

When deciding to apply for a loan we are aware that it is necessary to pay it in the most timely manner possible, since otherwise we will be involved in a series of legal problems that we all prefer to avoid. However, fortune and destiny do not always run on our side or support our needs and many times, what you initially had for sure and what you were completely convinced becomes a false step and cracks under your feet. economic plan. Personal finances are destroyed and we can do nothing more than watch in horror how the responsibilities acquired become impossible to cope with and we ask ourselves what happens if I do not pay a personal loan in Spain?

Requirements to request a loan

Requirements to request a loan

The official banking entities offer loans under conditions of payment that are often impossible to fulfill. The requirements and procedures are another martyrdom when applying for a loan. Everything seems very complicated until you start working with specialized search engines from credit service agencies whose efficiency and speed make them stand out in the market above all others.

How to know if I am granted a personal loan

How to know if I am granted a personal loan

The modality of personal and rapid loans has been gaining strength during the last years, and the entities that provide these services have been adapting to the daily needs, making the procedures faster and faster and losing less time. Market investigations and in the sending of documents. However, despite the great facilities available to these data verification systems, it is still not possible to accredit all users and often overcomes the frustration of not having approved a loan that we urgently needed.

Why do not they give me loans anywhere?

Why do not they give me loans anywhere?

Sometimes it seems that the more we need to borrow money, the harder it is to obtain the necessary guarantee to access a loan. You may have come to ask, why do not they give me loans anywhere? The truth is that this idea is not so far from reality, since some of the systems used by credit agencies to assess the viability of a loan take into account our past performance in terms of loans and payments, as well as our bank statements and our possession of property, or a fixed employment of constant income. When the system finds that these criteria are not completely met by our profile, then we are denied loans and we see ourselves in ever worse conditions that lead to bankruptcy.

Loans with mortgage guarantee

Loans with mortgage guarantee

Given the numerous requirements that are needed to access a loan, we are often overwhelmed. We can not meet everyone and sometimes we are faced with an unfavorable situation because we can not show a steady payroll or a fixed job that allows us to access a loan. Needs do not give waiting and some urgencies must be resolved immediately so that they do not completely destroy our life. In many cases there are few or almost no options left in the market.



There are many occasions in which we have been urged by some type of financial aid. The emergencies and emergencies do not know the opportune moments and it is presented in any moment and many times we are forced to request loans to our friends of emergency, without considering the conditions or the interests that they offer us.

Weekend Loans

Weekend Loans

Emergencies are not considered open or open banks and that is why having access to loans on weekends becomes essential. How many times have we had to face a toothache during a Sunday morning, knowing that we do not have available doctors or dentists able to help us, or a car accident so far that the urban cranes can not cover the service.

Quick loans without paplos and reliable

Quick loans without paplos and reliable

There is nothing better than the possibility of getting availability of money whenever we need it. Quick, paperless and reliable loans are perhaps the most appropriate way to get significant amounts easily and conveniently to pay.

Learn what is TAE and TIN

Learn what is TAE and TIN

Under the terms of a loan agreement you will always find the term Annual Equivalent Rate (APR), which refers to the interest that indicates the price or the utility of a financial service. But how is the APR calculated? It is through an arithmetic formula that includes the periodicity of the payments, the interest rate, some commissions and operating costs.

Personal loan offers for vacations

Personal loan offers for vacations

This summer season begins with a number of offers from financial entities. Many of these offers are attractive, with good interest rates. The amounts vary according to each institution. According to a study recently conducted by American Express Spain, Spaniards will spend an average of 2070 euros on the summer holidays 2018.

Loan for housing

If you need extra funds to build your own home, the most appropriate loan in this situation would seem to be a mortgage. Mortgage loan is intended for the purchase, construction, renovation or improvement of a new home, as well as other large purchases, so its general terms, possible amounts and repayment terms are suitable for anyone who has decided to build a home, but their own financial resources are not enough.

A mortgage is a long-term loan that is issued against a real estate collateral.

A mortgage is a long-term loan that is issued against a real estate collateral.

In the case of a mortgage loan, the pledge is a real estate that is already in the possession of the debtor, is planned to be purchased or built. In the case of a mortgage, a mortgage on an existing or future property remains in the creditor’s possession until the borrower has fully repaid the loan.

Prior to the issuance of a mortgage loan, the potential client’s indicators such as income and often the income of the guarantor or co-borrower, the credit history, the purpose of the loan and the collateral offered are evaluated. The maturity of this loan is determined by the borrower’s monthly income and solvency to cover the monthly loan payments.

The borrower has the opportunity to choose a falling or equal monthly payment schedule. Interest rates on this loan are calculated on the basis of the floating interbank and bank set rate, which in turn is calculated taking into account the borrower’s and his family’s income, the borrower’s credit history, previous cooperation with the particular bank, as well as the market value of the collateral.

In Latvia, mortgage loans are issued by commercial banks have separately dedicated the construction of a home as a mortgage loan. Krediidipank’s bank finances up to 85%, down payment from 15%, maturity up to 30 years, minimum amount is 25000 EUR. Eursa bank funding is up to 70%, down payment is 30%, maturity up to 40 years, minimum amount is 2800 EUR. Swedbank bank funding is up to 70%, down payment is 30%, maturity up to 30 years, minimum amount not set. If you would like to apply for a loan for housing construction, you can contact these banks.

Payday Loan without income ▷ These providers help serious + fast

What sounds utterly illusory at first sight is actually feasible today over the Internet.

We are talking about a loan without proof of income. The repair of the car costs 300 euros, money comes in ten days back on the account, a short-term liquidity shortage opens up. The solution can be a loan without proof of income.



Apply for credit without proof of income – reputable providers for Germany in comparison.

providers interest running time loan amount info Non-binding application


from 1.93% 12 – 144 months Up to 120,000 € With a guarantor (co-signer) is also a loan without proof of income possible.
creditneutral comparison of personal loans and banks.
Guaranteed: credit comparison without private credit effect.
Neofunding 13.90% 7 – 30 days Up to € 1,000 Small loans even without proof of income
Quick and easy
Instant confirmation and immediate payment
Crediter individually 12 – 120 months Up to € 100,000 You can request non-schafafie loans in any amount.
Crediter has been providing instant loans without private credit for over 45 years, friendly and fast service.
Cash comes to the bank account via Sofortüberweisung.
Strictly confidential and discreet: The house bank and employer do not learn anything.
Instant confirmation and immediate payment (24 hours).
trucredit individually 12 – 60 months Up to 25,000 € Even loans without proof of income possible.
trucredit arranges loans from private individuals.
private credit is checked, a credit can be awarded despite negative entries and low private credit score.

Test & Experiences

The recommended credit brokers for a credit without income proof in the test with reviews:

  • Neofunding test
  • trucredit test
  • Crediter credit test
  • creditend test

Apply for credit without income and private credit information

Banks usually require proof of income as part of the credit check to see if the income is sufficient to finance the rate. As the simplest form of security, the borrower signs a salary assignment. At this point, it becomes clear why self-employed and students find it particularly difficult to obtain a loan. The self-employed can not prove a regular income, students are often employed only in 450-euro jobs.

In this variant, a distinction must be made between two approaches. For one thing, companies with a novel business model for lending small loans have been establishing themselves for some time. On the other hand, there are the credit marketplaces on which loans are granted privately and privately.

Small loans without proof of income

In this variant, Financial Technologiess offer loans in the range of a maximum of 600 euros to 3,000 euros, depending on the provider. In doing so, they partially waive the presentation of a proof of income. The loan terms are extremely short. They are between seven days and three months. Since the loan amounts are very small, the default risk for the lender is not particularly high. The providers also stagger the maximum loan amount. For new customers, the loans are usually limited to 300 euros.

Due to the relatively small amounts and short maturities, interest rates do not fall in absolute terms. Thus, a provider calculates for a loan over 300 euros and a 10-day term just 1,116 euros in interest. On a per-capita basis, however, borrowers must be willing to assume interest rates above the twelve-percent mark – the interest rate prizes the lender’s default risk.

In addition, these companies offer additional services such as express processing or payment within 60 minutes, which are however subject to a fee. Anyone who needs only a small loan without proof of merit and is interested in a quick settlement and short term, gets faster in this way his money than a bank.

credit platforms

Another option to take out a loan is to offer credit platforms for the provision of loans from private to private. However, not every platform offers credit without proof of income. Borrowers on the one hand are confronted by investors on the other, who are looking for investments that go beyond the classic bank offers.

The borrower presents himself and his project to be financed on such a platform, and now has to market in the absence of proof of income so well that it arouses interest. As an alternative to a regular income, for example, he can offer as collateral the surrender value of his life or pension insurance or his car.

Also with a credit platform applies that the interest rate the credit default risk prizes. The platforms categorize their borrowers according to their credit rating. The category determines the interest rates that the borrower has to pay. It is understandable that in the case of a loan without payroll and without proof of income, the interest rates are significantly higher than for a borrower who receives a regular income. Investors who build up a structured credit portfolio, with a small portion of their investments above-average returns, losses are to be overcome.

Loans without salary

Loans without salary and payslips are not given in the usual volumes, but are limited to small amounts and suitable as a bridge for short-term liquidity bottlenecks.



Loans for students without income are also possible with the above mentioned providers.